Durham Difference

Mortise And Tenon Joints

A centuries old method of joining two pieces of wood' the mortise and tenon construction technique insures structural stability.

Corner Blocked For Strength

Cabinet corners are braced with blocks that are screwed and glued in place to add rigidity and prevent racking.

Fitted Backs

A flush wooded back panel is framed by the top, sides and bottom to provide an added structural strength to eliminate racking

Finished Tops

When looking down from balconies into your rooms below, you'll see why we have finished tops on all tall cabinets.

Jewelry Liners

Select dressers, dressing chests, and armoires feature felt-lined drawers or jewelry liners to protect your valuable collection

Resists Heat And Stains

The clear coating of our Fortress Finish resists the chemicals in most household liquids up to 24 hours.

Rail And Bed Slats

Solid wood bed rails are finished to match the bedroom suite and shipped with all beds. Also included are solid hardwood slats for years of dependable use.

Dovetail Drawer Construction

An English dovetail joint connects the drawer front and back to the drawer side. It remains tight and snug after thousands of pulls.

Smooth Drawer Interiors

Each drawer features 7/16" solid hardwood side and back with a 3-ply wood bottom. sanded and sealed with coats of clear finish. Protects your most delicate items.

Graduated Drawers

Many of our storage dressers and chests have drawers that increase in size as they go down in the case. This presents a more stylish, more balanced appearance.

Wired For Electronics

For your convenience our plasma consoles, armoires and some door decks feature a convenient electrical plug and cable connection,

Solid Wood Mirror Support

Solid wood mirror supports are shipped with each mirror. Each case piece and mirror is pre-drilled at the factory to insure easy, secure mounting in the home.

Floating Construction/spacing Balls

Raised panels on doors, sides and beds, "float" within the frames grooves on "Spacing Balls". This allows for natural expansion and contraction and prevents cracks, splits, warpage and rattles. 

Fully Framed Dust Proofing

Wood dust panels are framed between each drawer to resist sagging and prevent dust from falling between drawers onto clean clothes.

Solid Wood Drawer Glides

On the average, drawers are opened and closed over 50,000 times in 40 years! Our wood-on-wood treated drawer guides provide years of quiet, smooth service

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