Oct. 19, 2020

Discontinuation Notice: 258/301/181 Collections

October 19, 2020

To All Durham Furniture Dealers:

As we begin planning for 2021, we have completed a review of our product line-up. We have had some great insight into consumer preferences and tastes with the past several very strong order months. This review is always undertaken with a goal of ensuring our overall product offering remains relevant, is of reasonable volume to support production and remains viable from a raw materials standpoint.

In keeping with our policy to provide our dealers with reasonable notice regarding discontinuations, please accept this as our “written notice” of various discontinuations.

Discontinued Collections

- 258 – SOMA

- 301 – Rustic Civility

- 181 – Escarpment

Individual Pieces Discontinued

-          186 Odyssey occasional pieces (186-500, 186-502, 186-532, 186-534, 186-562)

-          227-162: Media dresser (Manhattan Collection)

-          900-2902: Console cabinet

We do not anticipate these discontinuations causing problems on our dealers’ floors. Should you be flooring any of these collections, we encourage you to discuss with your sales representative to determine the best replacement pieces within Durham’s continuing lineup. We look forward to helping update those of our dealers’ who may be directly affected by this.

We will support all orders received for any of the above through to December 14, 2020.