Warranty & Care

Durham Furniture is sold to the public through an extensive network of fine furniture dealers in Canada and the United States.

Our Warranty

Durham Furniture has been known for high quality, fine design and lasting value since 1899.

Each collection has its own wood species that contains natural characteristics, unique look and durability. Mother Nature is instrumental in providing a raw material that gives every piece of Durham Furniture its own beauty marks including variations in grain, resin pockets, worm holes and open knots all of which are not considered a defect and warranty coverage does not apply.

Any product modification by a dealer, consumer or other parties not authorized by Durham Furniture will void this warranty.

This warranty applies to cases when the product is used in normal indoor residential conditions.

To identify your product please refer to the back of the bed, case or underside of occasional table for a stencil or tag that contains a SKU number. Example: 975-203-CANC

Warranty Terms

Durham Furniture offers a warranty against manufacturing and material defects for a period of one year from date of invoice to the dealer. For more information about our warranty please contact your Durham retailer.

Solid Wood Furniture Care

We recommend that you regularly wipe down your solid wood furniture with a soft damp, non-abrasive, cloth followed by a soft dry, non-abrasive, cloth. Always follow the grain of the wood. Durham Furniture does not endorse the use of polishes or waxes.

Cherry and maple will darken as it ages. Exposure to direct sunlight will accelerate this process so we recommend keeping your furniture away from windows and make sure to rotate or remove items placed on their tops for the first year of it being in your home.

Solid wood will change with fluctuations in moisture and humidity so a controlled environment is best. Extreme exposure to heat can dry out furniture and cause it to crack. Lengthy contact with water or high humidity levels can cause furniture to swell, warp and split. Ideal humidity level in homes that contain solid wood furniture is around 35%.

Always use a coaster or other protective padding when placing hot dishes or cold beverages on your furniture.

The clear coating that is a part of our finishing process will help resist most household liquids for up to 24 hours. Spills or watermarks should always be removed as soon as possible using a soft damp, non-abrasive, cloth and then buffed dry with a soft dry, non-abrasive cloth.

The physical distressing that is a part of some of our collections is man-made and randomly placed making every piece one of a kind.