Jan. 29, 2020

Notice: Product Change - Removal of Dust Panels

January 29, 2020

This notification affects all Durham Furniture case goods featuring soft-close metal guides. As we work through modifying our 501 – Mount Vernon Architect collection from wood-on-wood to soft-close metal guides for presentation at April 2020 Market, we have been evaluating the benefit of the dust protection that has always been put into Durham case goods. The change to soft-close guides negates any requirement for dust protection between the drawers of the units while the removal has no structural impact on the product, and as such we have made the decision to remove dust protection between the drawers of all Durham product featuring soft-close guides. The bottom of the cases will continue to have protection to enclose the interior of the case completely. Wood-on-wood drawer guide collections will continue to have dust protection.
This change will begin in March of 2020 and could apply to orders as early as the first week of February of 2020. While dust protection has long been considered a ‘Durham Difference’, we strongly believe the market has reached the point where there is no value gained at the consumer level.