Sept. 23, 2020

Product Change Notice - Cedar Drawer Bottoms

September 23, 2020

Product Change Notice - Cedar Drawer Bottoms 

Due to material supply issues and significant cost increases, we are making the difficult
decision to remove cedar bottoms from our bottom drawers where they are offered
Effective October 5th, 2020 all orders for product that previously had a cedar bottom
drawer bottom will have a regular drawer bottom.
Our supplier has discontinued this product and a suitable replacement would only be
obtained at a very sizeable cost increase; rather than provide a pricing increase to our
product, we are removing it from our construction.
We are confident that this will not adversely affect the overall appeal of our product to
consumers. References to cedar will be removed from our website and marketing
materials, as appropriate and as time allows.
Please note – we will keep a limited stock of this product on hand after discontinuation.
Where a consumer would like cedar going forward, this will be available as a custom
order for a nominal charge of $10 per drawer.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We value our partnerships
and your business, never more so than during these past difficult months.
Luke Simpson